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We Provide Unparalleled Expertise in APIs and DevOps

to Secure and Enable Australia’s Critical Infrastructure

Building Enabling Technology

Singularity Tech is a technology professional services business focusing on the development of API, Microservices and DevOps capabilities. Leaning on extensive experience with emerging technologies, we accelerate our Clients' ability to modernize and adopt new development techniques.

From our home-based on the East Coast of Australia, Our Team has worked with some of the largest Government agencies and ASX100 listed Companies to solve some of their most complex challenges.

Our in-house Digital Transformation Experts successfully delivered amazing outcomes in digital thinking, business validation, strategy, architecture data, and engineering capability projects over the past 5 years.

Welcome to Singularity Tech

Singularity Tech believes in democratising and automating development capabilities. We achieve this by working atop modern cloud stacks and partnering with a hand-picked array of high-calibre Software vendors that enable our clients and make building things far easier.


Our team comprises Senior Architects, Integration Engineers and Specialist DevOps resources with exceptionally diverse backgrounds and experience. A robust team is at the core of what we do and makes us successful on a myriad of projects.


We can flex our style to suit client needs. We work in both traditional waterfall and agile businesses with an objective to help organisations deliver technology quickly and securely irrespective of process.


We partner with best-in-class software vendors that provide the technology backbone upon which we deliver. Check out our partnerships section to see who we work with.

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